Myrtle Beach Wedding Flowers

Depending on what type of wedding ceremony you are having….beach, formal, backyard, church…will determine what types of flowers you use in your decor and bouquets.

If you are looking at planning a Myrtle Beach wedding and need to design your flower decor, you’ve come to the right blog! Myrtle Beach offers a myraid of options for all of your wedding floral needs. Whether you are looking to get fresh and simple flowers and greens from a local farm or work directly with a florist or designer…Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas have you covered.

Here are some floral arrangements we really love:

traditional elegance 6¬†We call this one traditional because of the use of the red rose. This is a phenomenal choice any time, but especially for a formal atmosphere, as the red plays really well off of black tuxedos. We also love the baby’s breath peeking out here and there. No matter how you choose to use them, roses always make an elegant statement. (more…)

Myrtle Beach Wedding Venues

If you’re searching for the perfect wedding venue to exchange your heartfelt vows and are in love with the beauty of Mrytle Beach, continue reading to discover of the most picturesque, romantic Mrytle Beach wedding venues.

Myrtle Beach

Six of Myrtle Beach’s most romantic wedding venue

1. Brookgreen Gardens

If you’ve always dreamed of a garden wedding, you’ll fall in love with Brookgreen Gardens which boasts beautiful oak trees as well as a variety of water features and sculptures. As a bonus Brookgreen Gardens, also offers bridal portrait packages.If you need further convincing, Brookgreen Gardens was voted as one of the most romantic wedding locales in South Carolina by USA Today readers. (more…)